5 Tips To Find Out If You Have The Real ZippyPaws

5 Tips To Find Out If You Have The Real ZippyPaws 

If you think counterfeit infringement only happens to luxury products, think again. And if you are all for supporting authenticity and creative designs, read on to find out 6 quick tips on identifying the real deal.

Why bother checking? Well, for one, we are most concerned about the quality and safety of products for our furkids. Getting counterfeit products means that the item has not only infringed on the copyright of someone else's creation (who'd like that?), but that product would not have undergone the same quality checks as should be.


Tip 1 - Availability of Product Tag During Purchase

This is almost a giveaway. All ZippyPaws toys come with a proper product tag that clearly states the name and basic information of the product. Flip the product tag over and you will see a barcode indicating the name of the product. This product tag also doubles up as a barcode scanning mechanism to allow retailers to capture sales of the product easily. If you see one without any product tag which looks like the picture below, chances are, that may either be a used product or a counterfeit.



Tip 2 - Spot Typos And Misspelled Words

Well, if you do see one with a product tag and you spot grammatical or spelling errors on the tag, do take a closer look at the product and see if the workmanship is shoddy or if there are threading issues. I would not want to my dog to put toys made with dubious materials and coloring into his mouth, and I believe neither would most pawrents.


Tip 3 - Availability of Label Tag (For stuffed Toys)

This is the small tag that comes with the toy. ZippyPaws label tag usually states one or more of the following information:

- Brand name

- Materials and content of the toy

- Country the toy is made in

- ZippyPaws website



Tip 4 - Too Cheap To Be True

If you think some things are too good to be true because of the price point it is being sold at, do some checks on the retailer you are getting it from before jumping on the bargain. True is, sometimes some things are too good to be true. Trust your gut feel and do checks to ensure a happy shopping experience.

Tip 5 - Purchasing From Registered Retailers

We cannot emphasize how important it is to make any purchase from registered retailers. With the ease and convenience of e-commerce, there are many online retailers in the market who may not have authentic products and the risk of purchasing from unregistered retailers lies with consumers who may end up receiving defective or unauthentic products. An unregistered company is not governed by the rules of trade and chances are, they may run foul on law and just close down the store, or simply not deliver orders after payment. Since they are not registered, it will be tough for consumers to track them down. To find out if a company is indeed a registered entity in Singapore, simply do a quick search at https://www.bizfile.gov.sg using the entity's name or UEN number. All registered company are issued with a UEN number in Singapore.


Tip 6 - Verify List of Authorised Retailers on Distributor's Website

If in doubt, feel free to approach us to find out. We don't bite! As a distributor of the brand, we do ensure that retailers whom we supply to are legit and properly registered companies in Singapore. Click here to check out where you can grab your ZippyPaws from today!

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