How You Can Protect Your Online Privacy

Is Your Online Privacy compromised?

"Chicken, chicken, chiccccckkkkeeeennn...." said a friend of mine to his phone as we tried to put to test, our guess on whether our devices are indeed spied on and used by conglomerates to collect data. Silly as it may sound, but we were skeptical about how some sponsored ad contents are being pushed to us even though we did not google or read up about those items. Interestingly, most of these were mentioned in our conversations.

Protecting Our Online Privacy

In fact, we join a growing number of people who are concerned about our privacy and how data about us is being obtained and used. While some disable their computer's microphone, you can manage the privacy of the camera function on your devices with Hey Cuzzies Webcam Privacy Sticker.

Hey Cuzzies Webcam Privacy Sticker

Instead of taping over your webcam like what Mark Zuckerberg does, you can now opt for a cuter version and keep your privacy safe! Designed in Singapore, the Hey Cuzzies Webcam Privacy Sticker not only ease your worries of being spied on, they're perfect to add a pop of colour and a cute touch to your devices!

Each pack of Hey Cuzzies Webcam Privacy Sticker comes in a pack of 3 and is perfect for tablets, laptops and selected phone models. Simply peel, align and stick! Slide open when using the camera and slide it back when you're done!

What are you waiting for? Grab yours here and safeguard your privacy today!

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