Relieve Your Dog's Boredom With PlayQuilt Dreamers

Given our hectic lifestyle, many of us are forced to leave our dogs alone at home for the bulk of the day.

Some dogs can get into destructive behaviour due to boredom and it'd likely not be a pretty sight.

Designed in Singapore, the Hey Cuzzies PlayQuilt is designed keep your dog occupied and mentally stimulated.  

PlayQuilt Dreamers - Interactive Toy Relieves Dog Boredom


1. Interactive Toy

The PlayQuilt is popular with pawparents who love the interactive design. Simply hide some of Fido’s favourite treats in the different compartment slots and let the quilt work its magic with Fido!

Have fun together and keep Fido busy while boosting their mental and physical skills. Great as an indoor bonding activity with Fido!

Pockets and special compartments are designed to hide surprises! 

2. Day Bed

PlayQuilt not only provides activity engagement. It also double up as a day bed, playmat, or stroller liner! With the extra soft plush texture and vibrant colors, Fido will love chilling on the quilt.

3. Comfort Quilt 

Another way pawrents can possibly use playquilt is to use it as a special comfort object. A special toy can symbolize a special moment of bonding Fido has with the human.

This is almost similar to how a child receives a toy and associates the happy moment with the toy being special.

4. Home Deco and More!

The cute unicorn design also means that it’s great as a wall decoration!

• Versatile usage possibility
• Doubles up as a wall decoration or add some vibrancy to your bed or sofa as a throw!
• Perfect size to bring along for traveling

Measurement: 60cm X 60cm

What Else?

Aside to relieving your dog's boredom, the Playquilt is also designed to encourage tummy time play for babies. 

PlayQuilt Dreamers provides tactile sensory stimulation for both for babies as well as elders with dementia with it’s soft plush texture and colourful appeal. 

The flaps at the top and in the centre of the quilt is ideal for training hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Where Can You Get It?

Simply click here to shop online and grab your own PlayQuilt now! 

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