What Makes The Hey Cuzzies Hide N Seek Interactive Toys So Special?

Inspired by the old-school "Hide N Seek" game that she used to play, the Hey Cuzzies Hide N Seek Interactive Toy is our Creative Designer's interpretation of combining good food and play into one.

Careful thought has been put into the design of the products to encourage your pups to sniff and search for the treats and engage in some nosework. So the whole aim is for you, the hooman to hide, and for your pup to work his or her nose to seek out the treats. The difficulty level varies for each design and if our product testers (Cha Cha and Toffee could speak), we think they'd agreed that the Hey Cuzzies Hide N Seek Macaron toy is no easy feat!

In this post, we share more on what's so special about each design.

Hey Cuzzies Hide N Seek - Macaron
Difficulty Level:****

Get hooked in endless fun with the Hey Cuzzies Interactive Hide N Seek Macaron Toy! Activate your pupper’s hunting instinct and engage them in some nosework with their favourite treats!

– Squeak & Crinkle
– Designed with 5 pull-out pockets attached to hide treats
– Measures 15 x 15 x 5cm

Hey Cuzzies Hide N Seek - Strawberry Pawky Box
Difficulty Level:**

Each detail in this toy is carefully hand drawn by our Creative Designer and we're pretty sure you can guess what one of her favourite childhood (and possibly current) snack is!  

Simply roll the treats in the pawky sticks before you toss the whole box to your pup for some playtime!

– Squeak & Crinkle
– Pawky Sticks frills in pocket to increase difficulty
– Measures 20 x 12 4.5cm

Hey Cuzzies Hide N Seek - Churros Bucket
Difficulty Level:**

Balancing food on the nose is not a must, BUT since that's one of the tricks that our model Cha Cha could do, we made sure we got him to flaunt what he's got! Made with zero sugar and calories, these Churros are fun and addictive. Throw the three crinkle Churros into the bucket with some treats and you’ll have a busy pup for the next 15 minutes! Your furbaby is gonna bug you for more!

Freshly made, these Churros are crinkly crispy!


– Contains 3 Crinkle Churros
– Measures 15.5 x 14 x 12.5cm

 Now, if you are torn between which to get for your pup, why not get ALL three and put your pup to a test!

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